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Basic Treks

For the beginners, Uttaranchal provides some of the most easiest and beautiful treks in India. This trek is not too tiring and you can cover this one in a day's trek. Other easy treks include the Valley of flowers and Chopta.

Binsar Trek

Located in hilly spot of Kumaon Hills of Himalaya, Uttaranchal. Explore the beauty of Himalayas. An enchanting hilly spot in Kumaon Hills, Binsar surrounded by the alpine flora, ferns, hanging moss and a wide variety of wild flowers presents one of the most picturesque views of famous peaks such as Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, Panchchuoli, Kedarnath, Trishuli and Chaukhamba.

The trek starts from Pauri, an enchanting hill station presenting a panoramic view of the Garhwal Himalaya snowy peaks, From there on the trek trails through a very rich forest of deodar, silver, fir, pine and oak and Wildlife. In this trek you can look forward to long walking trails amidst the snow clad Himalaya. includes sight seeing, hiking and camping.

Duration: 4D & 3N
Price: 2300 / day onwards


Chopta Tungnath Trek

Chopta Tungnath Trek is easy trek running similar with the high Himalayas, offers very panoramic views on the way Tungnath is short and easy trek which runs parallel to the sky-scraping Himalayan Treks. Tunganath is the highest temple of Garwal. During this hiking, one can enjoy clear view of majestic peaks of Panchchuli, Nanda Devi, Nilkanth and Kedarnath. Chopta gives a picturesque view of the Himalayas. In the early spring theRhododendron[Buransh] forest glow red as the flowers bloom.Our journey will start from Haridwar, in Haridwar will visit the famous Mandakini Valley, the river and lake. Then we will visit Chopta, which is surrounded by dense forests. From Chopta, we will start for Tungnath and Chandrashilla Top (Our last destination). The summit of the Chandrashilla peak provides you a breathtaking 360 degree view.

Duration: 5D & 4N
Price: 2300 / day onwards


Deoriatal Trek

Deoria Tal is a lake, situated at an attitude of 2438 m which offer a spectacular vision of the Himalayan peaks. Located in Uttaranchal, Deoriatal is a lake, situated at an attitude of 2438 (meters) which offer a spectacular view of the Himalayas. The manifestation of the Himalayan Mountain in the water is amazing. The trek to Chopta passes through deep Rohododendran[Buransh] forests and beautiful Bugyals[ meadows]. this is a popular trek which can be undertaken all the year round. Chandrasilla summit it a rock face above the temple of Tungnath, the highest of all the temples in the Himalayas. There is a short but scrupulous hike beyond the temple. The Chandrasilla summits of fords are the most striking views of the Nanda devi, Triushul, Kedarpeak and Chaukhanba peak. Always start early in the morning and might be able to catch a clear sky.

Duration: 4D & 3N
Price: 2300 / day onwards

Dodital Trek

Lake of Dodital trek which starts from the Bhagirathi valley, goes up to the lake of Dodital to the alpine bugyals [meadows] and crosses over at Darwa Pass (4150m) to the Yamuna watershed.Very rich in its flora and fauna has steep and thick forests. The Dodital Hanumanchatti Trek is organized at Lake of Dodital. Best for nature photography, birdwatchers. meadows.

Duration: 5D & 4N
Price: 2500 / day onwards


High Altitude Treks

Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

Gaumukh Tapovan Trek is a famous trek route in Uttaranchal. Gaumukh, the snout of the glacier, and Tapovan are the mighty peaks of the Garhwal. This trek is for adventure lovers and involves Mountain Climbing, Rock Climbing and glacier traverse.
Gaumukh-Tapovan trek is one of the most rewarding treks in India pass through an orchard of coniferous pine trees at Chirbasa and birch at Bhojbasa. From Bhojbasa trek to Lanka and Gaumukh. Herds of Blue mountain goats - Bharal are a common sight here on mountain ridges.Explore the Gaumukh Glacier, which is just four kilometers ahead from Bhojwasa. From Gaumukh to Tapovan the climb is steep, and as we climb, the view of the surroundings peaks becomes clear.

Fom Delhi, in first phase reach to camp Kuflon. From here we will explore the temple and river in Chirbasa. A short drive will take us to Bhojbasa, where the panoramic views of sunset, Then we will continue to visit the glaciers of Ganga and Gangotri. Hereafter, start for Tapovan stay at the camp site, Again a trek takes us to Chirbasa and then move to Kuflon base, which is last destination of the tour. The best seasons to visit this place is March to October respectively.
Duration: 7D & 6N
Price: 2200 / day onwards
These treks are based in the Garhwal mountain range of Himalaya, which requires the expertise of a veteran trekker to complete the journey. While trekking in Uttaranchal, you will encounter some of the most captivating sights of this mountain range along with difficult atmosphere and weather. The most arduous treks of Uttaranchal are Kauri Tapovan trekking, Gangotri-Badrinath trek, Kalindikhal pass & Roopkund trek.


Kafni Glacier Trek

Kafni Glacier Trek is nestled with the scenic beauty with tranquility. It is located in the district of Bageshwar in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand state. Kafni is situated left of Pindar Valley, beneath the famous peak of Nandkot and to the southeast of Nanda Devi Peak.
Kafni glacier offers rise to river Kafni, which is an offshoot of river Pindar. Pindar itself is again, an offshoot ofAlaknanda River, this is one of the two head streams of river Ganga.
The valley here is broader. We will come across the multi-colored high altitude flowers like that of Rhododendrons, which will make our journey to this icy paradise an unforgettable experience. Kaphini also puts forward magnificent views of Himalayan peaks like Nandakot (6, 860 m) and Nandabhnar (6, 236 m).

Duration: 9D & 8N
Price: 2500 / day onwards

Kuari Pass North Face Trek

Kuari Pass which includes an amalgamation of a large variety of activities like hiking, camping at adventurous locations. A spectacular trek to the Kuari Pass skirting through the outer wall of the Nanda Devi sanctuary, crossing passes and beautiful river systems in the Garhwal Himalaya, the Kuari Pass trek is widely popular among the European and American travelers. At an altitude of 4265m in the heart of Chamoli District of Uttaranchal in the northeastern part of Garhwal, the Kauri Trek, also known as the Curzon Trail takes one through lush green fields, remote villages and virgin forests. Providing an enchanting view of the bounty peaks of Nanda Devi, Dunagiri, Bethartoli and Devasthan , the Kauri pass trek is amongst the best in the Garhwal mountains.
The views are simply breathtaking. From facing north the vision sweeps from the gorges of Trishul in the east to the peaks of Kedarnath in the west - the Kedarnath, Chaukhamba, Nilkantha, Kamet, Gauri Parbat, Hathi Parbat, Nandadevi, Bethartoli, Dunagiri – (all of them 6000m to 7000 m high peaks) lined one after the other in a magnificent arc.
There are two ways through which one can reach the Kauri Way. One is through the Curzon Trail i.e from Ghat via Ramni. see the majestic twin peaks of Nanda Devi, Kamet, Dronagiri, and Hathi- Ghodi Parvat. Rare Himalayan flora and fauna are found aplenty on this trail. The other route which however should not be taken in the winter is from Auli Bugyal through Gorson Top.

Duration: 7D & 6N
Price: 2700 / day onwards


Kalindi Pass trek

Connecting the two holy shrines of Gangotri and Badrinath, this trail traverses from one glacier to the other to cross the high pass of Kalindi just under 6000m. The walk is mostly over the ground and the snow fields with deep cracks and gives great opportunities to view the high altitude wildlife and camp by some small glacial lakes. Walking at an average altitude of 4500m for about 8 days and sleeping at freezing temperatures during this trip is a lot more than a trek.
Also this trek through the Kalindi Pass is advised for adventurous and fit trekkers who possess a fundamental ability of high altitude Trekking and mountaineering. It is a rare experience indeed. The mention of Kalindi Pass trek gives thrills even to the most seasoned climbers. This trip involves visit to two of the most important pilgrimage for Hindus in India. Trekking in Himalayas to the source of the most important living goddess of India and to the heart of Great Himalayas to the base of highest peaks and negotiating high passes.

Duration: 8D & 7N
Price: 2500 / day onwards

High Altitude Treks / Expeditions

Uttaranchal offers all possible land based adventure Activities right from climbing expeditions to Nandevi Devi to Rafting in the rapids of River Kali through the gorges & curevs of it. Adventures in Uttaranchal brings a memorable moments to the Adventurers.

Nanda Devi East Base Camp

Nanda Devi Base Camp - A trans-Himalayan trek which terminates at Munsyari(2290 meters). Nanda Devi Base Camp - A trans-Himalaya Trekking which terminates at Munsyari(2290 meters). There are quaint Himalayan settlements on the way and villages like Rilkot and Martoli. This location is exquisite and we usually spend a full day over here.

The trek to the Milam Glacier is surrounded by the best of treks in this region, taking you through some of the remotest areas with breathtaking panorama. Here you can view the Himalayan fauna e.g. snow leopard, musk deer, monal pheasant, with a great variety of birds and butterflies. This entire journey goes through excellent meadows and thick forests of oak, and fir (cedar).
At 2290m Munsiyari is on the arterial water body of the Goriganga, which emerges from the Milam glacier system of the eastern flanks of the Nandadevi sanctuary, fed also by the Kalaband glacier and Panchchuli from the east. The Jauher valley is on the outer rim of the Nandadevi sanctuary. Apart from the spectacular views of the famous peaks such as the Nanda devi and Nandakot, the trekking in Uttaranchal moves along the river Gori Ganga through ancient villages and rolling grassy meadows.

The Martoli village, one of the centers of the Jauher valley, represents the ruins of the history of the Indo - Tibetan trade. Once a big village, one can clearly see the floors of a mighty commercial center Martoli, in the ruins, was long time back in the heart of Himalayas.

Duration: 11D & 10N
Price: 2500 / day onwards


Pangarchulla Base Climb

Pangarchulla Base Camp climb a proper climbing expedition, best suited for Adventure Seekers. Pangarchulla Climb is a beautiful climbing spot. Spring is the best time to trek through to the Pangarchulla peak.
Pangarchulla becomes a beautiful climbing objective in the spring after having accumulated all the winter snow. An easy low Start from Delhi to Rishikesh. On first phase visit Rishikesh and Haridwar. Then after, we will move to the Joshimath. To reach Tali, hire cable car and stay there in camps.
While going further, we will visit the ranges via Kuari Pass. Moving ahead from this we will find the famous “advanced base camp”. While going back to Khulara, there is a climb down to Tapovan and Pipalkoti, which is the last destination of our tour.

Duration: 7D & 6N
Price: 3000 / day onwards


Sightseeing Trips

Trekking in Uttaranchal means following the historic trails of hilly kingdoms called Garhwal and Kumaon. Both of these regions are famous for their panoramic views and landscapes. You can visit these areas for pilgrimage as well as for site seeing, as it has a number of holy sites and hill stations. The famous ones include are Ranikhet, Massourie, Nainital, Rishikesh, Corbett national park, Dehradun, Auli, Gangotri, Haridwar, Badrinath, etc.

Kumaoun ECO-Village Visit/Stay

Kumaoun The South- Eastern part of Uttaranchal is situated below the range of Himalayas in the northern India with dense forests, rivers, peaks, mountains that enhances its beauty.
Duration: 3D & 2N
Price:1500 / day onwards


Wildlife Jeep Safari in Corbett NP

Jeep Safari in Corbett National Park for tiger tracking & the geography makes it an amazing destination for nature and wild life lovers.
Duration: 3D & 2N
Price: 2500 / day onwards